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ORGANIC LIVING : A method of living

02 ม.ค. 20

‘Organic’ can easily be described as a natural way of growing and progressing. During the process of growth and production, there’s no chemicals used or hazard created, we love and stand for that mission. 

This is why WWG makes a pledge for organic living. Our fruits and curated drinks hail from organic local farms, locally sourced and locally made. To us, this is a small but significant step in supporting our natural ecosystem; organic Thai ingredients are full of goodness, and there’s nothing better suited to our mission. Because we stand by this ideology, WWG treatments and products will be chemical free. 

We understand the consequential harms that non-organic ingredients can have on your skin. Major skin care ingredients such as perfume, ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petroleum, and hydroquinone can leave long lasting toxins in your skins.

WWG’s organic and natural products are sourced from Chiang Mai. 

Our criteria:

  • Organic sourcing from around the world, including Thai local ingredients. 
  • Selective use of essential oils that are absorbable
  • Benefits extracted from the ingredients sourced
  • No artificial perfume, texture enhancers, colors

Various treatments can be found in the menu

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