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02 Jan 20

Rest, sleep and self care are the ultimate essentials in maintaining a balanced sense of wellness, good health and a happy state of mind. Interestingly, self care and sleep is harder to come by in a world that increasingly moves at rapid speed, which means how we sleep matters more than ever, including what we wear when we rest. Therefore, it’s our inspiration to provide comfortable loungewear here at WWG.

All our products are natural. We are committed to using natural fibres to reduce contamination to waterways and other waste hazards. We use Natural Bamboo and organic cotton which is easily breathable, making it easier for you to transition from the bath to your treatment or facial. Our loungewear is also suitable to enjoy a soothing cup of tea whilst catching up with your favorite magazine in our spa. 

Our soft linen products are beautifully considered, rich in meaning and quality, weaved within a local Thai story we can be proud of. Guests at WWG will enjoy the comfortable material of our loungewear during every course of treatment. Additionally, we also provide the option for guests to buy and take our loungewear home, so they can work on improving their holistic health from the comforts of their bedroom. A good night’s sleep starts with a relaxed body and a restful mind. 

Invest in sleep, it’s the body’s best reward.

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