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02 ม.ค. 20

“Ekkamai” is a bustling, curated neighborhood in central Bangkok. Ask about the surroundings, and everyone will have different interpretations, different facets of the area that they most love. A true melting pot of restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment complexes to the residential corners, tucked away in Ekamai’s quieter zones.

Ekamai is ideal for a day of exploration. Amongst the street’s bustling noise, is a series of cosy corners and secret hideaways. Spend the day here to relax, discover new eateries and generally soak up the buzz of Bangkok. WWG sits right in Ekamai 12, where the big roads intersect to meet unique coffee shops, all with their different distinctive design. Order a latte and get lost in a book at Ekamai Macchiato, then stroll to Marchwood for your second cup of coffee. Hungry? Pick from Ekamai mainstay Coffee Beans, the ultimate comfort food restaurant serving your favourites such as Khao Krapao to western dishes. Ekamai 12 is also home to Pesca Mar & Terra bistro, a bustling seafood restaurant just round the corner, an ideal place to end your day. 

WWG spa sits in a leafy corner of Ekamai 12, a restful, serene hideaway amongst the hustle and bustle. We like the creative energy and the buzz of the neighborhood, and are excited to provide a corner of rest and relaxation for Bangkok urbanites.

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