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People often mistake wellness as purely being about physical health-areas of nutrition, weight management and temperature. However, wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, of all equal importance. Rest, happiness and a well balanced mental state contributes to physical wellbeing as well, and at WWG, we strive to help you achieve wellness.

There are 8 dimensions of wellness. 

  • Physical Dimension: Paying attention to your body’s physical needs and overall good health
  • Intellectual Dimension: Growing intellectually, staying informed and curious. Valuing lifelong learning. 
  • Emotional Dimension: Understand and appreciating your values and thoughts, respecting others.
  • Social Dimension: Maintaining healthy relationships with those in your life
  • Spiritual Dimension: Finding value and purpose in life
  • Vocational Dimension: Participating in work that brings personal satisfaction, consistent to your goals and lifestyle.
  • Financial Dimension: Managing resources and living in your means. Setting realistic goals and making informed decisions.
  • Environmental Dimension: Understand the importance of the environment and our actions. Being aware of the unstable state of the earth, and contributing in your capacity. 

The physical and environmental dimensions are what drives our key philosophy at WWG, achieving physical wellness and being mindful of the earth’s state is equally important to us. The emotional, social and spiritual dimensions are also reflective of our ideology; we truly believe in how the dimensions weave together to create a balanced state of being. 

At WWG Spa, get lost in the surroundings, soak in the nature and revel in feeling connected to yourself. Taking care of yourself and embarking on a holistic journey is critical to leading a meaningful, well balanced life. Let go of the noise, and prioritize yourself. 

We invite you to join our retreat, as we look to nature for balance, whilst enjoying a series of holistic treatments and restorative massages.

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