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02 Jan 20

Thai craftsmanship is made to last.

The journey began with the idea of embracing Thai weaving textiles. The WWG family is proud to be a part of this long standing tradition, and for our customers to see how traditional clothing can be a part of our ever evolving, modern world. 

Our uniforms are locally sourced from Sukothai, a true testament of Thai artisan work and craftsmanship. By experiencing the crafts and handiwork talents, as well as getting a deeper understanding of Thai fabrics, it makes us more protective of Thai culture and makes us proud to carry on the legacy of ethical, mindful and graceful work. 

The cotton of the uniform fabric is naturally sourced, with the natural dye also sourced locally with elements of roots, specific types of butter fruits, Malabar leaves, jackfruit and more to re-create nature’s colors and our philosophy; White, Wood and Green.

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