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White Wood Green

White Wood Green is the merging of two elements; Nature and Nurture. Inspired by nature’s powers and all that it brings, we want this place to be a haven, the place of mindful rest.

Our name breathes that philosophy;
White for our love of natural purity ingredients,
Wood for the warm sense of home and belonging, and Green for our surroundings.

Our ideology is the sole focus of mind, body and spiritual healing. We aim to be the calming centre amongst the bustle, take the journey with us.

Every room here enjoys a beautiful garden view, with resort inspired decor mixed with real wood elements, designed to transport you from the city to the serene. We provide a variety of services tailored to your needs, from nail care to a full body massage and aroma therapy spa. Our services are carried out by seasoned therapists with experience in the wellness industry.

We are truly organic, our ingredients, resources and our mindset. At White Wood Green, we care about your holistic wellness and believe in the importance of both nature and nurture.

In today’s fast paced world, we believe your mental and physical health takes priority. Choose to nurture your soul, relax and unwind with our treatments and aroma therapy or let your imagination and creativity roam free, unleash ideas and close your eyes to dream. We believe that the equal balance of nature and nurture will allow you to leave with renewed refreshment and a sense of calm. The magic happens here.

*With us, is where you’ll find your hideaway.

Library Corner

A place to unwind and curl up with a good book from our collection. Feel free to take a book home and return it upon your next visit. There’s no better way to unwind than with your favourite novel after a full body massage.

Outdoor Terrace

Soak up the fresh air, enjoy the sunlight or simply just relax under the trees, recharge before returning to the bustle.

Tea & Herbs Bar

Enjoy our Thai take on afternoon tea. Mix and match your own tea and herbs whilst you wait for a massage, or simply devour our carefully crafted Thai treats before you head home.

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