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Sedar W Candles M


/ 150 gram
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Soy Wax Candle

No.01 : Liliopsida

An exquisite plants fragrance selected by monocotyledons. Breathe a sweet floral aroma, like there is something hidden with the wonder of plant scents and the freshness of the fruits.

Note : Orchid,vetiver,pineapple

No.02 : La Ong Fong

The atmosphere of the garden after the rain. The scent reflects the sunlight, sparkling on the trees leaves and grass with mist of the rain. It is a charming for your mind, spirit and body.Note: Sandal Wood, cardamom, saffron

No.03 : Bkk Shine
The charming city Bangkok is the city that never sleeps and the diversity of cultures, it makes your senses full of life. This scent will bring you feeling about the city in a new and sparkling way, blend with the old and modern style.
Note : Jasmine, tobacco, amber
No.04 : Chip Cha

Outstanding with the scent of tea leaves and perfectly blended with the unique scent of cedar wood. It will made you in a new oasis of peace and tranquility’s atmosphere.Note: Cedar wood, tea

No.05 : Roberto

Fill the world of relaxation with romance scent, to make the atmosphere around you look sweet and enveloping, but in the same time, able to warm and charge your mind and body in a perfect harmony.Note : Vanilla, bergamot, rose geranium

No.07 : Rosie
The sweetness of rose flower that hides the beautiful of the berries. It will give you all the refreshing sensations and feeling like you are in a pale old rose garden with orange accent.Note : Rose, labdanuum, black currant..



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